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Soccer Betting: Chivas USA vs. Colorado Rapids

Chivas USA just wants this season to end already. Unfortunately for them, there are still two games left in the regular season, so they must suffer through what is likely another disappointing finish before they get to pack up their stuff and head home for the winter.

College Football Odds: Florida Gators vs. South Carolina Gamecocks

If you love college football, competition, beer and hotdogs, or shots of pure adrenaline, then I think I found just the game for you this weekend. It features a top-10 matchup between two teams fighting for reign in the SEC, and potentially a spot in the National Championship game at the end of the year.

College Football Betting: Florida State Seminoles vs. Miami Hurricanes

The Florida State Seminoles and the Miami Hurricanes have a long history of bravado and bitterness that stretches back to the glory days of both programs. The days of Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp, Deion Sanders and Charlie Ward, and the rest of the legendary players on both sides are gone, but that doesn’t mean that this upcoming game will be anything less than an all out war between two quality football teams.

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