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NBA Basketball Betting: Cavaliers edge out Pistons

The Cleveland Cavaliers are steadily becoming the team everyone thought they’d be in NBA Basketball betting. Yesterday, LeBron and Co. won their third straight game. This time, King James found a great deal of help from Kevin Love, who scored eight three-pointers (a career high for him), and managed to capture nine rebounds. Does this mean that the Cavaliers are ready for a Title Contention?

NBA Basketball Betting: The Western Conference

There are two stories unfolding on the Western Conference that will have the second half of the NBA Basketball Betting Season in a tense grip. We are not talking about will the Clippers survive without Griffin or if the Thunder will make it to the playoffs. We are directly talking about the amazing battle we will see between the Warriors and Grizzlies for the top spot in the conference.

Super Bowl Betting: Deflategate and how it affects the game

Early in the week Super Bowl Betting was filled with excitement, anticipation and then it got all deflated… excuse the pun. On Tuesday the news broke out that 11 of the 12 footballs that the Patriots used on Championship Weekend were under-inflated by 2 lbs. each. Immediately there was a shift of focus from the interesting matchups the game will have, the stats leading up to the game and so on to how much were those balls inflated. This ugly controversy couldn’t have happened at a worst time fort he Patriots. But how does that impact the game?

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