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Super Bowl Betting: Deflategate and how it affects the game

Early in the week Super Bowl Betting was filled with excitement, anticipation and then it got all deflated… excuse the pun. On Tuesday the news broke out that 11 of the 12 footballs that the Patriots used on Championship Weekend were under-inflated by 2 lbs. each. Immediately there was a shift of focus from the interesting matchups the game will have, the stats leading up to the game and so on to how much were those balls inflated. This ugly controversy couldn’t have happened at a worst time fort he Patriots. But how does that impact the game?

Super Bowl Betting: Your early guide

It’s the game we have been waiting all year for, and Super Bowl Betting time begins now!

Ideally the last game should see the best two teams of the season battle for the National Championship, and this year for Super Bowl XLIX we have just that! The New England Patriots, with Brady and Belichick will face the Reigning World Champs Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson, Marshall Lynch and Richard Sherman. It is exciting just to think about it. This game will have so many different narratives that can definitely make this Super Bowl one for the ages.

NFL Betting: Early Preview of the NFL Conference Championships

The divisional round was something, but we have seen nothing yet and NFL Betting fans are now making their picks on who will be the two teams that will be facing each other on the Super Bowl. What was mighty eight teams are now down to four. The Green bay Packers will go to Seattle to face the Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts will go to New England to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Will there be upsets? Are we going to see the Seahawks try to be back-to-back champions? Here’s our morning after previews and predictions.

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