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Heisman Predictions: Who’s the Best Around?

Heisman Predictions - NCAA Football betting favorites NCAA Football betting fans are excited to get back to college football. Part of NCAA Football betting is not only picking favorites for the National Title, but also the Heisman Trophy. While some might consider it difficult to select next year’s most prolific player the sportsbook odds certainly help along the way. With that in mind here are some of next year’s favorites to win the Heisman Trophy.

Odds to Win 2016 Heisman Trophy

Deshaun Watson (Clemson Tigers) +580
Christian McCaffrey (Stanford Cardinal Football) +680
Leonard Fournette (LSU Tigers) +855
Dalvin Cook (Florida State Seminoles) +1225
JT Barrett (Ohio State Buckeyes) +1425
Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma Sooners) +1425
FIELD (Any Other) +700

Before NCAA Football betting enthusiasts jump on that +700 field bet they may want to check out the entire list of candidates. More than 38 candidates have been released by the sportsbooks and it’s important to make sure at least one name doesn’t stand out.

One name that does stand out in particular is Clemson’s quarterback Deshaun Watson. Last year Watson was able to lead the Tigers all the way to the National Title game. Unfortunately Clemson ended up succumbing to the Crimson Tide (Alabama) in what was one of the most memorable championships yet. While Watson passed for 405 yards he also threw a crucial interception that Alabama was able to score on. Watson is the textbook definition of versatility and was actually a Heisman finalist last season. The Tigers star quarterback will be looking to lead his team to a National Title this season in a performance he hopes will also earn him the Heisman.

Speaking of Heisman finalist, Christian McCaffrey’s odds peg him as a favorite for next season. While the odds might indicate McCaffrey has a high chance of taking the trophy home next season, some might disagree. McCaffrey’s play certainly doesn’t hurt his chances, last year Stanford’s running back was able to set a couple records of his own. No, some argue that McCaffrey won’t win the Heisman simply because he plays in a part of the country that isn’t as passionate as College Football as elsewhere. Going over last year’s stats might prove those critics correct.

Last season McCaffrey finished with 3,684 all-purpose yards, breaking a record previously held by Barry Sanders. McCaffrey also averaged more yards per carry than Sanders did back when he set the record in 1988. These two facts alone have many considering that last season McCaffrey turned in one of the best performances in college football history. However hard he ran McCaffrey was still unable to win the Heisman, sending conspiracy theorists reeling.

Leonard Fournette is next on the list of favorites, somewhere he is well-accustomed to being. Last season LSU’s running back was the front-runner for taking the honor home, but was unable to. If Fournette can remain healthy he should be able to rush for over 1,000 yards for the third year straight.

Running backs are always in high contention for Heisman honors and this list reflects that. Dalvin Cook is the most talented running back for the Seminoles and some think he’s the best in the entire ACC. Cook averaged an astounding 7.4 yards per carry last season and if he is able to produce enough eye-catching performances he might just win the Heisman next season.