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MLB Baseball

MLB Betting Recap

Division leaders have started to separate themselves with each holding at least a three-game lead atop their respective divisions. Here’s a look at how some of the best and worst teams did against the MLB betting lines over the course of the last week.

Stock Up

MLB Betting: Los Angeles Angels vs. Seattle Mariners

The Los Angeles Angels are the next unfortunate team that has to face the surging Felix Hernandez who is, without a doubt, the best pitcher in the league right now. If you have been looking for the secret formula to a sure thing bet on MLB baseball, here it is: bet on the Mariners with Felix Hernandez. He will earn you a win every time. If only he pitched more often than every five days.

MLB Odds: Tampa Bay Rays vs. Texas Rangers

MLB Betting: The Tampa Bay Rays have played very well recently and have shot to the top of the wild card standings, but have visions of something more. A hot streak coinciding with the return of star third baseman Evan Longoria has pulled Tampa Bay with two and a half games of American League East leader the New York Yankees heading into Friday’s games.

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