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NBA Basketball Betting: Cavaliers edge out Pistons

The Cleveland Cavaliers are steadily becoming the team everyone thought they’d be in NBA Basketball betting. Yesterday, LeBron and Co. won their third straight game. This time, King James found a great deal of help from Kevin Love, who scored eight three-pointers (a career high for him), and managed to capture nine rebounds. Does this mean that the Cavaliers are ready for a Title Contention?

The Eastern Conference can see some changes after the All-Star break, especially with the Cavaliers putting strong performances like last night. This team is starting to gel better and they’ve become the juggernaut that most NBA Basketball Betting experts expected them to be.  With the lack of a stiff competition that the Western Conference has, the Eastern could see the Cavaliers climb up the rankings and securing a coveted home court advantage for the playoffs. And with the recent announcements that the Miami Heat will lose Chris Bosh for the season, and Derrick Rose will be out indefinitely for the Chicago Bulls, the Cavaliers are in an ideal scenario.

As for what is next for the Cavaliers, expect them to keep on rolling on and climb up the rankings. The Toronto Raptors and the Atlanta Hawks will continue to hold on to their spots as much as they can, but there is still a long way to go. And for LeBron James and his team, it seems for them that they are enjoying the way they are playing. This team will be a NBA Basketball betting favorite once the playoff begins regardless on the position that they end up having when the regular season comes to an end. It will be interesting to see if the Cavaliers are able to live up to the expectations that they entire nation placed on them when the season began.