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March is here and so is the Madness Betting

March is here and so is the madness. Almost, this week so far in NCAA basketball betting has been little more than some very tiny conferences beating each other up for the right to get trounced in the first round by the county’s best teams. But make no mistake size has very little to with NCAA basketball betting and some of these games have been absolutely wild.

There is Kevin Durants, or Greg Odens in these leagues but when your playing for a conference title and a birth to the big dance, it doesn’t matter if your school has a thousand students or one hundred thousand, your going to play your guts out and that’s why the NCAA basketball betting action is so great in the month of March. With so much of the line players are giving one hundred and ten percent as this is for many players the last and only chance they’ll get to play basketball on such a great stage. And that’s a powerful motivator for these young collegiate athletes and in the end the fans and the NCAA basketball betting fans are the ones that benefit.

This year there is a very wide band of teams that could qualify for the 65 team field in the NCAA basketball betting championships. This event is simply like no other in collegiate athletics and perhaps even any professional sport world wide. It makes every one the same and treats no team no better or nor worse with one prize on the line and plenty of great NCAA basketball betting in the balance. And the teams from theses small schools and these tiny conferences playing their hearts out are for once in their college careers placed on equal footing with the Dukes and the Carolinas and the UCLAs of this world.

This players have been shunned by these big programs all their lives. Being told since high school they’re too small, or too slow, or too weak, but now is there chance to prove that that they can play with the big boys and it is the most powerful form of motivation that exists in sports or in NCAA basketball betting. The emotions wrapped up in March madness are so powerful that it culminates in simply the greatest bit of NCAA basketball betting opportunity that exists anywhere in the land.