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NCAA Basketball betting news... Possible brackets

This NCAA basketball betting season just seems to get stranger and stranger the longer that it goes on. And this week it should really get strange considering that most conference championships will be played this week. And really when you get down to it, this is the first real week of March madness and the first taste of the post season NCAA basketball betting action that most people taste.

I’m sure ESPN has probably already created some special name for the is week of March madness NCAA basketball betting action and trade marked so I won’t even begin to try and coin a name for this week of pre tournament NCAA basketball betting action. But I will say this; it is going to be a great week. There are various conferences to really pay attention to, but paramount on this list is the ACC. The ACC is arguable the best conference in all of NCAA basketball betting action this year and it will likely get six team into the big dance, maybe one more, but that will depend on how the ACC conference shakes out.

To indicate just how close this conference is, heading into the final game of the season when Duke and North Carolina, Carolina had to win in order to gat at least a three seed and avoid falling down all the way to a five seed depending on another games. It doesn’t get much closer than that in NCAA basketball betting, a three way tie heading into the last game of the regular season and fighting for a number one seed.

Fortunately for the Tar Heels they won and captured the one seed because of a Virginia Tech loss. And what a game it was for any NCAA basketball betting fans lucky enough to see it. There was Tyler Hansburough’s broken nose, as well, but that hardly compared with the NCAA basketball betting action which saw Carolina’s lead dwindle to two late in the fourth only to have them come back and stage and 18-4 closing run. The Tar Heels are a very good team and one that NCAA basketball betting fans should keep an eye on.