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NCAA Basketball

March Madness Picks: First Four Teams kicks off today

march madness
March Madness Predictions: The NCAA Tournament field was expanded to 68 teams last year, and right away it was a huge hit. Virginia Commonwealth would not have gotten in under the old format, but used that new life to make to not only beat Southern California in the new first round but advance all the way to the Final Four as a No. 11 seed, defeating Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State and Kansas before finally losing to Butler.

There will be eight teams this season looking to repeat that incredible feat when they play in the second annual ‘First Four’, where the lowest four rated conference champions and the final four at-large teams play on March 13th and 14th in Dayton, Ohio with hopes of advancing to the 64-team field.

March Madness Odds offers Round of 64 Teams

march madness
March Madness Lines: If you’re headed to Las Vegas for the NCAA Tournament then you better get to the sportsbook early because seats come at a premium for the two-day “ Round of 64 ” gambling extravaganza.

March Madness Betting: Tournament will offer First Four betting

march madness
March Madness Odds: Gamblers benefited from the NCAA’s goal to provide more March Madness entertainment by expanding the tournament field to 68 teams last year. So instead of having to wait until Thursday to bet on college basketball next week, you can start March Madness gambling on Tuesday and Wednesday when the “ First Four ” round of the tourney gets underway.

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