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NCAA Football

Heisman Predictions: Who’s the Best Around?

Heisman Predictions - NCAA Football betting favorites NCAA Football betting fans are excited to get back to college football. Part of NCAA Football betting is not only picking favorites for the National Title, but also the Heisman Trophy. While some might consider it difficult to select next year’s most prolific player the sportsbook odds certainly help along the way. With that in mind here are some of next year’s favorites to win the Heisman Trophy.

Badgers Betting on Earning Their Stripes

Wisconsin Badgers  2016 BettingThe Wisconsin Badgers may not be college football betting favorites, but they certainly are a team worth keeping an eye on. Last season Wisconsin finished with a 21st ranking nationwide and as the Holiday Bowl Champions – where they beat USC 23-21.

Bet on College Football: Previewing the National Championship

SBGCollegeFootball It might not be the match up you might expected, but if you Bet on College Football you have to admit that you are excited for this one. On one corner you will have the Oregon Ducks, who went nuclear on the Florida State Seminoles and virtually erased the up-until-that-point only undefeated team in College Football.

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