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Bet on College Football: Previewing the National Championship

SBGCollegeFootball It might not be the match up you might expected, but if you Bet on College Football you have to admit that you are excited for this one. On one corner you will have the Oregon Ducks, who went nuclear on the Florida State Seminoles and virtually erased the up-until-that-point only undefeated team in College Football.

On the other corner the Ohio State Buckeyes, a team that with the aid of their third string Quarterback defeated in epic fashion the favorites Alabama Crimson Tide.  Currently the line has Oregon as favorites as -6 (-110), but are they going to win this game?

The answer is yes, they will, but they will not blow out the Buckeyes. Ohio State, under Urban Meyer’s guidance, they were able to power through the obstacles and set backs and make it to the National Championship Game. Their win versus Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, in the South mind you, perhaps was a display that will be remembered as an epic win for the ages. I mention Urban Meyer because he is a man that knows the game, has lived it and has won it. If you bet on College Football you know that the Buckeyes have been improving through out the course of the season and with inspired performances that keep getting better and better with every game. Their performance against the No. 1 Alabama team showed that they are no pushovers.

They main problem that the Buckeyes has is simple, they are facing a Oregon team that can attack you from multiple angles. Marcus Mariotta is having a fantastic season and he can cap it off with a win against that could cement a legacy with the Oregon Ducks before he makes his move to the pros. Their offensive threats showed their caliber on the Rose Bowl as they dismantled the Florida State team. This will be a game that will see a high score on both sides, but ultimately, the Ducks will come out on top. The wise thing to do if you Bet on College Football is to lay the Oregon Ducks and go ahead and pick the over.