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College Football Betting: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas Razorbacks

Before last week, the upcoming game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Arkansas Razorbacks seemed like an elite showdown between two SEC rivals.

Enter the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. ULM shocked the country, but especially the state of Arkansas last week, by beating the Razorbacks in overtime, 37-34.

After a game that like threw off a lot of people in their college football online wagering, the Razorbacks, ranked #8 coming in, immediately dropped out of the top-25, the highest ranked team to do so besides the #5 Michigan Wolverines after their loss to Appalachian State.

Now, a game that was to be the second most hyped of the SEC season is now delegated to mere normalcy. It appears the Crimson Tide will simply roll over another opponent as they did against Michigan and Western Kentucky.

Let’s be honest, though. Alabama was always going to come into the game against Arkansas as a favorite, and truthfully, they were probably always going to win.

Now, the cat is out of the bag, and what could have possibly been a single-digit spread before last week, has now ballooned out to 20 points. The odds makers now know what we all suspected: Alabama is way better than Arkansas.

A single-digit spread was a sure thing for Alabama, but now they must win by 20 against an Arkansas team that is sure to come into this game angry, embarrassed, and looking to prove something to a national television audience.

Thanks to the shift in the live lines your college football online wagering just got a lot tougher. It all comes down to whether Arkansas starting quarterback Tyler Wilson can recover from his head injury suffered in last week’s loss in time to play against Alabama.

If Wilson is there, the 20-point cushion should be more than enough for the Razorbacks. If he is not, then Alabama should cruise.