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College Football Odds: BYU vs Utah State Sports Betting

byu vs utah stateGenerally the Friday night matchups in college football betting are reserved for up and coming mid-conference teams that might not otherwise get showcased in front of a national audience.   On this coming Friday, that will not be the case. 

In fact, this Friday’s matchup will consist of two struggling –and likely, very bad- teams playing for little more than bragging rights to be called the “second best team in the state of Utah”. 

It’s hard to get excited over a (1-3) BYU Cougars vs. (1-3) Utah State Aggies matchup but these two teams have had trouble executing all season and the one redeeming quality for these squads is that the combined sloppy play could result in some big play excitement. Not exactly the selling point a coach would to have out there, but nonetheless the truth and something that the inflated over/under on this game alludes to.

Kickoff for this Friday matchup is set for 8:05 Eastern Time and sbg opened with the Cougars as a 4.5-point favorite with an over/under total at 51.5.

NCAA football betting fans have seen some good BYU teams in recent seasons but this is not one of them.  This team has been bad on both sides of the ball giving up 20 TDs to opponents in just 4 games and has scored just 6 TDs for its own account.

But the team is still favored against the Aggies because this WAC squad has had some troubles of its own scoring just 12 TDs (many of them in garbage time) but giving up 16 TDs to opponents.

Obviously, BYU is the bigger football program between these two schools and it’s not really that much of rivalry considering that the Cougars generally beat the tar out of the Aggies and have currently won 10 games in a row against Utah State heading into the game.  But if Utah State is going to reverse this trend then Friday’s game will be as good a chance as this team will ever have.

BYU has fielded arguably its worst team in decades this season and despite playing at home and having tradition and history on its side look for the Aggies to at least beat the college football odds point spread and maybe even pull off the upset.

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