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NFL Betting: Early Preview of the NFL Conference Championships

The divisional round was something, but we have seen nothing yet and NFL Betting fans are now making their picks on who will be the two teams that will be facing each other on the Super Bowl. What was mighty eight teams are now down to four. The Green bay Packers will go to Seattle to face the Seahawks and the Indianapolis Colts will go to New England to take on Tom Brady and the Patriots. Will there be upsets? Are we going to see the Seahawks try to be back-to-back champions? Here’s our morning after previews and predictions.

The early lines for NFL Betting on the Conference Championship games hold the Seattle Seahawks as a 7½ favorites over the Green Bay Packers. The reason is due to how healthy will Aaron Rodgers be come Sunday Afternoon. Rodgers was clearly limping on the field on his Divisional game versus the Cowboys and, just by power of will and his right arm.

The reigning champs Seahawks, had themselves a great game against the Panthers. They had already blew put the Packers in week 1 in a 36-16 win. With the Sea Hawks looking as tough as they do at home it is very unlikely for the Packers to move pass them.

The Patriots, with all their dominance and force will host the Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck in the Sunday night’s game. The Pats start of as 7 point favorites in NFL Betting with good reason, specially after that exclamation mark of a performance that Tom Brady displayed against their rivals, The Ravens. The Colts, on the other hand, are fresh of putting an end to the Broncos’ season. They have a shot to pull another upset, but it will all depend on how perfect of a game can Luck have. For the moment, and how the Patriots are playing, it is very likely that we will see the Patriots win (by a double digit margin) and go on to face the Seahawks.