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NFL Football

Bengals Clawing for a Playoff Win

Cincinnati Bengals 2016 OddsWith the Hall of Fame Game kicking off on Sunday, August 7th NFL betting fans can finally say goodbye to football-less Sundays. While Donald Trump may not be happy about the return of football, it’s safe to say that the rest of the US is celebrating. With the start of the regular season being so close there are numerous questions arising, like, will the Cincinnati Bengals be able to win their first playoff game in 25 years? Marvin Lewis has been the head coach for Cincinnati since 2003 and while his arrival wasn’t followed by immediate success staying with the coach has proven to pay off.

DeAngelo Williams on Brady’s suspension: “I don’t care”

DeAngelo WilliamsPittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams agrees with most football betting experts in that the Steelers will not be affected by New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s four-game suspension – and neither will be the Patriots, for that matter. The Pats remain the odds-on favorites of people who bet on NFL to win the AFC East division, the AFC championship, and the Super Bowl 51. The Steelers, on the other hand, are the favorite to win the AFC North Division; second favorite to win the AFC title; and are certainly in the conversation regarding the next NFL champion.

Super Bowl Betting: Deflategate and how it affects the game

Early in the week Super Bowl Betting was filled with excitement, anticipation and then it got all deflated… excuse the pun. On Tuesday the news broke out that 11 of the 12 footballs that the Patriots used on Championship Weekend were under-inflated by 2 lbs. each. Immediately there was a shift of focus from the interesting matchups the game will have, the stats leading up to the game and so on to how much were those balls inflated. This ugly controversy couldn’t have happened at a worst time fort he Patriots. But how does that impact the game?

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