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NFL odds: Week 2 Top Picks

Ray Rice’s antics have stolen the spotlight from what the sport really is about: NFL odds. It’s time to get back on track, and while the higher-ups are up to their necks in it, we can concentrate on what will happen on the gridiron for week 2 of 2014 NFL action.

Arizona Cardinals (+1.5) vs.New York Giants

The Cards went into the game with the San Diego chargers a seemingly injury-decimated team, but they pulled through to beat a squad that didn’t play badly by any stretch of the imagination. If Arizona keeps it up versus the Giants, they could pull another victory off, especially since Eli Manning may not be able to carry the team all by himself. Even after a cross-country trip the Cardinals are the favorites over the home team.

Miami Dolphins (PK) vs. Buffalo Bills

Both teams are coming off strong showings on Week 1, especially the Dolphins who shocked the sports world by not only beating but also outplaying the New England Patriots. The Bills held their own as well facing the Chicago Bears. The bottom line here is that the two teams have come a long way since last season, though there is still room for improvement on each side. Also, this game has the makings of a very close contest, but Miami does seem to have an edge, even as it copes with injuries on defense.

Denver Broncos (-12.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The chief lost one of their more important players in Derrick Johnson to a ruptured Achilles tendon -the same injury that Mike DeVito suffered. Head coach Andy Reid has attempted to keep the morale in the locker room up, but pep talks work better in film than they do in real life, especially when you go up against living legend Peyton Manning who, at 38, is ageing better than a fine wine. Additionally, Denver has a deep roster with Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, and even Demaryus Thomas to make up for Eric Decker -now with the Jets- and Wes Welker suspended for violating the NFL’s performance enhancing drug policy. This game looks like it will be a blowout for the Broncos.