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Super Bowl Betting: Deflategate and how it affects the game

Early in the week Super Bowl Betting was filled with excitement, anticipation and then it got all deflated… excuse the pun. On Tuesday the news broke out that 11 of the 12 footballs that the Patriots used on Championship Weekend were under-inflated by 2 lbs. each. Immediately there was a shift of focus from the interesting matchups the game will have, the stats leading up to the game and so on to how much were those balls inflated. This ugly controversy couldn’t have happened at a worst time fort he Patriots. But how does that impact the game?

The New England Patriots are facing a very tough opponent on February 1st, they are looking to extend their illustrious legacy for one more championship. Who knows if they will be able to maintain the great level of play they have kept for these years and make it back to the big game. With the clock ticking and time being a factor it is very difficult. Super Bowl Betting fans knew this; they knew that the Patriots were at an all time high in motivation leading up to their playoff games. And after they man handled the Colts they achieved and rightfully earned to be considered as favorites coming in to the Super Bowl with -1 (-110) line. But it is quickly turning sour as investigation is pending on regards to the deflated balls and a punishment that will tarnish the Pats image in the foreseeable future.

It wasn’t to long ago when the Patriots had to face the allegations and the negative publicity that “spygate” had brought them. How it help create this image of the evil villains in the NFL. This scandal can and very likely will cause for a distraction in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. The Pats team MUST be focused and keep their heads in the game and not let this distract them in any way. One can expect that the coaching staff will seek to use this scandal as a motivator for the Patriots to culminate their great season with a championship. But, they should now also, that the scandal will be used against them. They can be sure the Seahawks will throw jabs and cheap shots in the field.

Super Bowl betting, however, will not be impacted in any way, controversy or not, the excitement is at an all time high!