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Super Bowl Betting: Your early guide

It’s the game we have been waiting all year for, and Super Bowl Betting time begins now!

Ideally the last game should see the best two teams of the season battle for the National Championship, and this year for Super Bowl XLIX we have just that! The New England Patriots, with Brady and Belichick will face the Reigning World Champs Seattle Seahawks with Russell Wilson, Marshall Lynch and Richard Sherman. It is exciting just to think about it. This game will have so many different narratives that can definitely make this Super Bowl one for the ages.

We are all eagerly awaiting this game, as it promises to be very contested. Super Bowl Betting has early odds of a PK (-110) line for both teams. The Patriots are one of the most balanced teams in the NFL, a good defense with a very strong offense. They always find a way to rack up points. On the other hand, the Seahwaks have a defense that is feared, and we do mean feared. They defend well against passing and rushing, and they capitalize of the turnovers they get.

The game has one important facet that for the moment is not being addressed. This could be the last time Brady and Belichick reach the Super Bowl. As time passes its only natural that their chances on reaching the final game get tougher and tougher. This is the perfect opportunity for them to cement their legacy and go out on a high note. However, they face a team that is looking to build a legacy of their own. This game could symbolize the changing of the guard. For Super Bowl betting purposes, it will very likely mean one of the most heavy wagered-on games in history.  And the anticipation that we will experience in these two weeks are going to be unreal.