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NFL Football

Can the Colts bounce back in the NFL after Super Bowl Loss?

Recent NFL betting lines history would suggest that there is no surer prognosticator of a disastrous season ahead than losing the previous Super Bowl.

Pete Carroll has dream NFL Draft in Hawks Debut

After an incredible NFL Draft Pete Carroll just keeps looking smarter and smarter for jumping from the college football betting ranks to the pros.  It’s an ideal situation for Carroll really as USC will be mired in NCAA investigations for the foreseen future and the NFL offer he received from the Seattle Seahawks is just about as good an offer in NFL gambl

Is Jimmy Clausen a first round NFL Draft talent ?

The 2010 NFL Draft class has widely been heralded as one of the most talent Draft classes ever.  Some NFL betting lines commentators have even gone so far as to compare it with the legendary football betting draft of ’83, an NFL Draft that produced hall of famers like John Elway, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly.

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