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NFL Football

NFL Week 2 Odds: Arizona Cardinals vs. New England Patriots

John Skelton snared the starting quarterback job last year after Kevin Kolb got hurt and now Kolb has a chance to flip the script. Skelton suffered a low-ankle sprain in the opener and is going to miss at least this week. This matchup doesn’t give Kolb a lot of chance to succeed but he’ll probably be attempting a lot of passes as the Cardinals play from behind.

Team injuries for NFL Week 1 Odds

Throughout training camp and the preseason there have been more than a few injuries to NFL players. Identifying those and handicapping what they mean to a spread or line is imperative to successful betting. Lucky for you, the crack writing staff at SBG Global has pieced together an injury cheat sheet for Week 1 of the regular season. This is Part I of a two-part series, covering the AFC teams. Here you go:

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