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Soccer Betting: Chivas USA vs. Colorado Rapids

Chivas USA just wants this season to end already. Unfortunately for them, there are still two games left in the regular season, so they must suffer through what is likely another disappointing finish before they get to pack up their stuff and head home for the winter.

Chivas takes on Colorado on Saturday night at home in Los Angeles, though that might not be the blessing that it would be for a regular home team. Keep a close eye on the standings when you make a bet on soccer online, as this home game will likely end sour for Chivas.

Chivas USA is the only team in all of soccer to have a home record poorer than their road record, though, truthfully, this team is no good no matter where they play.

Their first problem is a complete lack of scoring ability. They have scored only 22 goals on the year, ten less than the next lowest mark in the MLS.

Their leading goal scorer, Juan Pablo Angel, has four goals on the year. Compare that to the league leader in goals, San Jose Earthquake Chris Wondolowski, who has 26.

That goal drought has been their downfall all year, and the result has been predictable. Chivas has not won a game since July 28.

You have to go back ten days before that to find a home win, and both of those came against the Portland Timbers, the team right next to them at the bottom of the Western Conference standings.

With a winless streak lasting two and a half months, I would say you have an easy bet on soccer online here. Take Colorado, obviously, and let the live lines win you some easy cash thanks to the worst offensive team in the MLS.