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Lawler Betting on Halting Woodley UFC 201

UFC 201 Tyron Woodley  vs. Robbie Lawler  odds previewFans of UFC betting know that the sport is riddled with cancellations. At times the sport can be an emotional rollercoaster as fans prepare to see one specific bout, only to have one fighter, or both, drop out. It could be for all sorts of reasons; injuries, failing a substance policy, or anything in between. UFC 201 is a perfect example of what is commonplace in the sport. UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson was first scheduled to defend his title against challenger Wilson Reis, then on July 8th Johnson announced his resignation from the event due to an undisclosed injury (maybe he felt the risk was too high). Reis was then supposed to face newcomer Sean Santella, but then Santella said that the UFC had imposed the fight because “he needed to get more medicals done and there wasn’t enough time.” Now it seems that Reis will be squaring up against Hector Sandoval. The event is scheduled for the 30th of July so there’s still plenty of time for the UFC to change its mind.

With all this uncertainty in can be frustrating for UFC betting enthusiasts to place their bets. Nevertheless, one bout that does seem to be set in stone is the headlining match between Tyron Woodley and Robbie Lawler. Let’s check in on the sportsbooks odds and see what they have to tell us:

Tyron Woodley 21/2 (-145) +190

Robbie Lawler 21/2 (+125) -230

Lawler is the favorite to successfully defend his title as UFC Welterweight Champion. Lawler has a record of 26-10-0, 1NC during his time with the UFC. Lawler’s reign as champion can only be described as spectacular and is highlighted by his successful defend against Rory MacDonald at UFC 189. Lawler’s performance demonstrated all of his strengths; fierce precise strikes, excellent takedown defense, and a resilience that is borderline supernatural. Robbie’s nickname ‘Ruthless’ fits him well but will his resilience be enough to halt contender Tyron Woodley?

Woodley’s UFC record stands at 15-3-0. While he may be a little smaller than Lawler he has proven that his defense is on par, successfully defending 91.67% of takedowns his opponents’ attempt. While that figure is remarkable you can expect Lawler to rely on his strengths and attempt to exchange blows with ‘The Chosen One’ instead of going to the mat. Woodley’s UFC career has been riddled with inconsistency as he has never been able to ride out any sort of momentum. Some of his fights keep you on the edge of your seat while others could be used to help you fall asleep at night. Woodley hasn’t been in the octagon in over a year and a half and it will be interesting to see if he’ll be refreshed, or rusty.

Lawler has proven himself over and over again and it will be difficult to imagine the inconsistent Woodley pulling one over him. Lawler’s won 77% of his fights by KO and he’ll be looking to stay on his feet against Woodley, who prefers the mat. UFC betting fans might want to trust the sportsbooks when it comes to this bout and stick with Lawler’s -230 odds.